Allan Walters (2018)

Hayden Vasquez

QB (6-1, 205)




4.1 GPA || Elite 11 QB/FBU Top Gun Nationals/U.S. Army National Combine - southpaw; pro style QB with scramble ability - patient in the pocket; allows plays to develop (kudos to the OL) - solid accuracy; knows how to throw guys open; hits targets in stride; ball placement is pinpoint on majority of throws (puts it where only his guy has a play on it) - good footwork in his drops; good mechanics - comfortable and confident in the pocket; ability to throw on the run is there - can throw with touch - can work the middle of the field without getting his guy killed; shows ability to throw into tight windows and thread the needle - has some pocket mobility; confident in his ability to climb when the pocket collapses while still maintaining focus downfield; ability to extend plays - efficient off play action; quick getting rid of the ball - good football IQ; displays knowledge of how to look off defenders; good decision maker - arm strength is adequate in a 40-yd box (Mike Leach's style of QB); good velocity on intermediate throws - overall solid player with plenty of ability to play at the next level; needs to continue to get stronger; accuracy, timing, and IQ are his greatest strengths


Elon, App State, Charlotte, UVA-Wise, Ferrum College, Heidelberg

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