Marquis Williams (2018)

Jamen Louris

DB (5-9, 165)



4.19 GPA - 4.54 40-yd dash, 4.13 shuttle, 225 bench, 385 squat, 215 clean || finished junior season with 7 INT (3 for TDs), 11 pass deflections, 42 tackles, 2 forced fumbles || great ball skills; makes good breaks on the ball; great at tracking the ball in coverage; knows what to do with the ball in his hands - good overall speed and agility - plays with instinct and intelligence; a leader on defense; good communicator - good athlete; plays on both sides of the ball and special teams - catches the ball naturally; soft hands, strong grip - smooth footwork and fluid movement in coverage; moves arround the field like a ghost - good hips; seamless turns and change of direction; no wasted movement; great short area quickness - reacts to what he sees developing; processes quickly - stays in the receivers pocket; sticky cover corner - great closing speed; covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time - formed tackler - demands the offenses respect - needs to continue to get stronger - doesn't play a lot of press coverage; would like to see more of that - overall fantastic awareness, anticipation and great lower body mechanics


Presbyterian, Wofford

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