Nick Starkel (2016)


John Baylor Altman

QB (6-3, 180)



4.9 40-yd dash || has amassed 30 TD and 3084 yards passing in career so far - throws with good touch down the field - leads receivers on deep passes; puts good air under the ball - navigates a moving pocket smoothly - doesn't seem to rush throws but gets rid of the ball in a timely manner - keeps his eyes downfield even when the pocket collapses - ability to throw on the move - good zip on intermediate throws - puts his receivers in advantageous positions to make catching the ball easier - displays a consistent ability to hit targets in stride to not slow their momentum - makes sound decisions under pressure; gets rid of the ball quickly and accurately - good weight transfer - ability to thread the needle and throw into tight windows, including passes beyond 10 yards - can throw receivers open - not dual threat by any means but has capacity to scramble and make something out of nothing - runs a lot of one read, sometimes predetermined, plays; would like to see some full game film to see how he reads defenses and goes thru progressions - high release point - has the physical tools & traits to play at the next level


Charlotte, South Carolina, Newberry, Mercer

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