MLB Draft 2018: All-Name Team

Baseball players are often known more for their name then their abilities. There are some names you see and you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are baseball players. Then there are some that are just plain unique and cool.

This is my compilation of players from the 2018 draft class with the coolest and/or most "baseball-esque" names.

1) Willie Joe Garry Jr. , CF (Pascagoula HS/Rd 9, 274th to Minnesota)

- How many first names can one guy have? This guy was given a name that destined him for the major league. Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Garry Maddox, Ken Griffey Jr. If he wasn't born to play baseball, his parents made dang sure that he still would.

2) Jax Biggers, SS (Arkansas/Rd 8, 239th to Texas)

- This sounds like a name somebody used when creating a player on 'MLB: The Show' and all he does is hit home runs.

3) Keegan McGovern, CF (Georgia/Rd 9, 268th to Seattle)

- This is as 'baseball' as it gets.

4) Lars Nootbaar, LF (USC/Rd 8, 243rd to St Louis)

- When I hear the name Lars, I immediately go to Camp Hope and Tony Perkis' assistant that wears the tight shirts with the funny accent (if you've never seen 'Heavyweights' please stop what you're doing, do yourself a favor and go watch it now). But other than that, this name is pretty great.

5) Cash Gladfelter, 2B (Shippensburg U/Rd 27, 808th to Seattle)

- I mean...come on. This goes without saying.

6) Ford Proctor, SS (Rice/Rd 3, 92nd to Tampa Bay)

- This name sounds like it could be the next line of Ford Motor Vehicles that sweep the nation or some kind of body part. Regardless, it's certainly unique in it's own way.

7) Brock Deatherage, OF (NC State/Rd 10, 285th to Detroit)

- Brock is a pretty cool name in itself. But then when you have a last name that contains the words 'Death' and 'Rage' separated only by an 'e'...I'm not messing with that guy. Pitchers beware, don't hit this guy.

8) Seth Beer, OF (Clemson/Rd 1, 28th to Houston)

- It's the MLB and his last name is Beer...

9) Kevin Smith, LHP (Georgia/Rd 7, 200th to NY Mets)

- This is essentially a 'default' name. When you look at an example of a driver's license or anything like that, this is the name you see.

10) Destin Dotson, LHS (Scotlandville Magnet HS/Rd 12, 359th to Texas)

- Nothing like a good alliteration name that screams "I play baseball."

Other names worthy of at least a mention...

- Travis Swaggerty, OF - Rd 1, 10th to Pittsburgh

- Fitz Stadler, RHP - Rd 18, 536th to Toronto

- Layne Looney, RHR - Rd 19, 578th to Chicago Cubs

- Jack DeGroat, RHP - Rd 11, 343rd to Cleveland

- Keegan Fish, C - Rd 13, 387th to Miami (Fish-->Marlins....obvious and not really funny but still....shut up)

- Coco Montes, SS - Rd 15, 456th to Colorado

- Niko Hulsizer, OF - Rd 18, 554th to LA Dodgers

- Onix Vega, C - Rd 20, 611th to Washington

- Bobby Honeyman, SS - Rd 29, 868th to Seattle

- Kody Clemens, 2B - Rd 3, 79th to Detroit (if you don't know why this is a 'baseball' name, please see yourself out)

- Pablo O'Connor, 2B - Rd 27, 821st to Washington (diversity in a name)

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