Updated: Jun 23

by Austin Silvey @SilveyESP

Each Preseason All-Region Team was put together carefully with hours of dedication. There are a multitude of factors considered when making these teams. I don’t take these lightly. When I say that I have spent weeks putting these together, I mean it.

If a certain player is not listed, that is not an indictment in any way of that player. Not everyone can make the team and I also may not know of every player. If you are a player reading this that didn’t make it, don’t be discouraged...instead, go prove I was wrong to leave you off of it this season.

I use the knowledge I already have of players, the film I’ve watched, interviews, grades, what coaches say about them, personal projections, and more to determine who makes it on there. Stats from previous seasons and current college offers play a role in the evaluation process, but more minimal roles compared to the other factors.

The map pictured below is how I break up the four regions.

With that said, here is the 2020 Preseason All-Upstate team for the Class of 2021...


QB - Marshall Skoloff (Eastside)

QB - Undre Lindsay (Gaffney)

RB - Zaire Scotland (Walhalla)

RB - JJ Hudson (TL Hanna)

WR - Jalal Dean (Palmetto)

WR - Josiah Benson (Daniel)

WR/TE - Miller DeArmond (Greer)

OL - Jaydon Collins (Greer)

OL - Davis Sutherland (Abbeville)

OL - Sam Judy (Eastside)

OL - Shaun Perkins (Travelers Rest)

OL - Jayden Ramsey (Westside)

ATH - Chance Black (Dorman) ATH - George Ford (Mauldin)

ATH - Andre Goodman (Greenville)

ST - Will Fowler, K/P (Spartanburg) / Omar Khan, PK (Dorman) / Alex Deyton, LS (Eastside)

*SLEEPERS* - Jameson Tucker, WR (Mauldin) / Malachi Hunter, WR (Walhalla) / Aziz Huff, ATH (Greenville)

DL - Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins (Gaffney)

DL - Aries Scott (Hillcrest) / Aces Scott (Hillcrest)

DL - Jatius Geer (BHP)

DL - Cole Hoskyns (Chesnee)

LB - Reed Morrissey (Wren)

LB - Camden Gray (Chapman)

LB - Jeremiah Foster (Blacksburg)

DB - Jamal Crawford (Easley)

DB - Kendrick ‘KJ’ Makins (Greenwood)

DB - Cruz Temple (Abbeville)

DB - Caden Sullivan (Boiling Springs)

ATH - Jamen Louris (Eastside)

ATH - Cam Henderson (Travelers Rest)

ATH - Dre Pinckney (Boiling Springs)

HYBRID - Miles Scott (Eastside) / Riggs Faulkenberry (Greenville) / Paris Ferguson (Spartanburg) / Shyhiem Scotland (Wren)

*SLEEPERS* - Terrence Gist, LB (Greenville) / Briggs Cox, DB (Wren) / Drayton Brown, CB (Mauldin)


QB - Seth Smith (Spartanburg)

QB - Brayden Blackmon (Byrnes)

RB - Preston Lounds (Greenville)

RB - Tyrell Haddon (Abbeville)

WR - Hayden Willimon (Wren)

WR - Ahmari Coats (Greenwood)

FLEX - Natron Johnson (Gaffney)

OL - Jackson Robinson (Walhalla)

OL - Jonathon Phelps (Easley)

OL - Bryson Peppers (Greenwood)

OL - Cale Brown (Dorman)

ATH - Gerquavus Meadors (Byrnes)

ATH - Jaylin Tolbert (Greenwood)

ATH - Charles McFadden (Boiling Springs)

*SLEEPERS* - John Baylor Altman, QB (Palmetto) / Nazeviah Burris, WR (Byrnes) / JD Ratliff (Spartanburg)

DL - Ethan Rennels (Boiling Springs)

DL - Ryan Wynn (TL Hanna)

DL - Demorian Lyles (Byrnes)

DL - Zac Zivitski (Southside Christian)

LB - CJ Lipscomb (Spartanburg)

LB - AJ Sloan (TL Hanna)

LB - Howie Thomas (Walhalla)

DB - Dee Rice-Williams (Dorman)

DB - Kahlil Wright (Walhalla)

DB - Jalen Williams (Southside Christian)

DB - Christian Santana (Easley)

ATH - Termaine Epps (Union County)

ST - Bryce Earley (Westside)

ST - Nick Mantekas (Easley)

ST - Matthew Smith, LS (Spartanburg)

*SLEEPERS* - Tylan Anderson, DB (Woodmont) / Isaiah Smith, DL (Wade Hampton)

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