Writer Suggests Lawrence Should Sit Out Next Two Seasons at Clemson

Brian Costa, writer for The Wall Street Journal, put out an article on Wednesday afternoon suggesting that Clemson's freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, should 'sit out' the next two seasons in Tiger Town.

After leading the Tigers to a 15-0 season and National Championship, Lawrence became the talk of college football and national media.

There were many people suggesting that Lawrence could be the number one overall pick in THIS years NFL Draft if he was eligible. But the frosh phenom still has at least two years left in Clemson before he can declare.

In the article released by Costa, he talked about the unprecedented rate at which college players are starting to preserve themselves in preparation for the NFL by sitting out their bowl games or even withdrawing from school midway through the year.

He fails to mention, however, that while more and more players are becoming conscientious objectors, those select few are juniors and seniors meaning they are already eligible to be drafted.

Costa goes on to say, "To that end, there is a business case for Lawrence taking the trend to a radical extreme. He should arguably end his career at Clemson now."

The premise of the article has some valid points and does address the fact that player preservation is a growing trend. But to suggest a kid should sit out two seasons, remain on a football scholarship, and not compete just to keep himself out of potential danger in preparation for a potential pro career that is at least two years away seems a little farfetched.

To view full article (that requires a subscription to read), click here.

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