Mother Nature Sweeps First Five Games vs Clemson Baseball

by Austin Silvey @SilveyESP

CLEMSON, SC -- The Tigers are 3-1 through their first four games of the season but they have yet to defeat Mother Nature with a record that now sits at 0-5.

Clemson has yet to play a game at it's originally scheduled time due to the rude nature of our dearest Mother of the weather.

Here is a the list of the first five scheduled games with their original scheduled time to play vs when it was actually played:

Game 1: vs South Alabama

Original - Friday (2/15) at 4:00pm

Actual - Friday (2/15) at 3:00pm

Game 2: vs South Alabama

Original - Saturday (2/16) at 3:00pm

Actual - Saturday (2/16) at 1:00pm

Game 3: vs South Alabama

Original - Sunday (2/17) at 1:00pm

Actual - Saturday (2/16) at 5:00pm

Game 4: vs Charlotte

Original - Tuesday (2/19) at 4:00pm

Actual - Monday (2/18) at 4:00pm

Game 5: vs Tennessee Tech

Original - Wednesday (2/19) at 4:00pm

Actual - Postponed until Wednesday, April 24 at 6:00pm

Clemson is set to host VMI this weekend in their second three-game series of the young season but the forecast right now does not look promising.

Stay tuned for updates on future games as we continue to track Mother Nature's potentially historic run.

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