PLAYER INTERVIEW: John Simpson, OG (Clemson)

by Austin Silvey @SilveyESP

MOBILE, AL — Tuesday was the Senior Bowl Media Day and I got the chance to talk to a few different players as they begin their journey into the NFL. One of those players was former Clemson offensive lineman, John Simpson.

Here is a breakdown of the conversation I had with him...

(On Clemson moving forward and his performance in the National Championship game)

“Going forward they’re gonna be good. Every position is gonna be filled by somebody with talent.”

“But I think I played pretty well in that game, from my standpoint. I got my grade back from my coach and I graded at 90%. So I think I played pretty well but me playing well isn’t going to change the outcome of the game. It always sucks knowing that you lost.”

(On what NFL teams will love the most about him)

“I think it’s just my personality. I’m real personable. Hopefully my play will speak for itself. That comes with my personality.”

(On what he feels he can improve at the most)

“Probably my technique. Just getting my hands inside, hitting guys upright, not bending at the waist, looking at the knees more and things like that.”

(What motivates/drives him on and off the field)

“Trying to do things that haven’t been done in my family before. One thing that really drove me to graduate is to be the first graduate in my family. Just things like that give me motivation. To try and change my family’s structural view.”

(What he thinks of his weigh-in numbers)

“I’m gonna get down to the 320-325 area. I was like 329.8 today or something. I feel great and that’s where I was all year.”

(On what he’s looking forward to the most during Senior Bowl week)

“Just playing ball. Just getting another opportunity to play some football.”

(On what he thinks his Madden Rookie Rating should be)

“After this game that’d be a good question to ask me so I can see where I’m at compared to other people. But right now, I would say going in as an offensive lineman, left guard….I don’t wanna be too cocky. I want to say like an 80. Give me 80.”

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