The CFP Committee’s Thoughts on Coastal Carolina

Staff Report

On Tuesday nights College Football Playoff Media conference call, one reporter brought up the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina. Gary Barta, the CFP Selection Committee Chair, answered the question...

QUESTION — You touched base earlier about Indiana being 0-1 versus top-25 and zero wins against .500 and above ranked teams. My question from you is from the No. 13 point of view, Coastal Carolina, they have two wins versus top 25 and four wins over .500 or greater schools. What more do they need to do to make that next jump in the conference's opinion?

GARY BARTA: “Well, each week is a new evaluation, and obviously this week Coastal -- we had a data point, a game to watch, and I would just tell you that as a college football fan, watching that Coastal Carolina-BYU game was

exciting. What a thrill. They were ranked lower than the team they beat in BYU, and they moved up several spots as a result of that victory.”

”They were able to run the ball. They were able to contain -- slow down BYU's offense. Nobody can stop it. And they won the game. The committee put them at 13 based on that performance and the performance leading up to that, and I won't project further than that. We'll just wait and see next week what we have to evaluate.”

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