What is TYGTAL? - Part 3: VIEW DAY

by Staff Report @ESPinSC // @tygtalexpo

The vision of TYGTAL Exposure and Sports Consulting Services is to be an organization that provides assistance to student-athletes in all sports that are seeking scholarship opportunities to further their education and athletic endeavors in college.


Part 2: Athletic Questionnaire

The Coronavirus has effected sports and recruiting in ways nothing else could. With the dead period extended until the end of May (for now), that makes the journey of recruiting a bit more challenging. TYGTAL and The Evening Sports Page have created a way to help the student-athletes looking for exposure and a chance to play at the next level.

Our VIEW DAY SHOWCASE offers student-athletes the opportunity to showcase their athletic ability, academics, and communication skills all from the comfort of their own home.

Go to the website to fill out the FREE Athletic Questionnaire, which is also the registration form for the showcase. Fill out as much info as possible. The more info you provide coaches upfront, the easier it is for them to learn about you and potentially start recruiting you.

As a NCAA Certified Scouting Service, we have contact with hundreds of coaches across the country; many of whom will be using this showcase as a recruiting tool. Coaches who are registered with TYGTAL’s player database have the opportunity to tune-in to these showcases as they happen LIVE through our online only platform.

Different days will feature different position groups. Each group will feature anywhere from 1-20 athletes at a time. You will go through drills conducted by our specialized trainer as well as some that are requested by coaches to display your athletic traits & abilities. You will be asked questions provided by coaches during an interview session to display your ability to communicate with media and give them an idea of who you are off the field.

The interview session will be done online via Zoom & separate from the VIEW DAY itself. It will be conducted by Austin Silvey (Owner of ESP). To book your interview session, click this link.

Your profile on the TYGTAL database that contains your measurables, academic progress reports, GPA, and more, is accessible to the coaches….SO DON’T LIE. Most of the time they already know what your academic situation is and just want to see if you’re honest about it and such.

This is a great opportunity to get your name and face in front of coaches during this unprecedented time. If you feel slept on, this is a chance to wake people up. If you’re truly passionate about getting to the next level, start here.


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