What LSU Players Had to say about Clemson

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On Thursday afternoon, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and safety Grant Delpit held a teleconference with the media as they prepare for the National Championship game against the Clemson Tigers.


Q - Trevor mentioned the other day that he met you at the Manning Academy, and I was wondering what were those conversations like, if you had any, and what are the things about his quarterback style of play that maybe you enjoy watching?

"Yeah, we got to spend some time together. That was a fun week. We got to spend time with a lot of quarterbacks around the country. He's a super fluid guy for how big he is. He's fun to watch. You can tell he's a great competitor, tough guy. I respect those kind of guys."

Q - I know you'll get asked questions about the quarterback match-up here and there and I know you're not going up against him, but when you get in those big-time match-ups with other quarterbacks, do you ever catch yourself watching what they're doing during the game?

"No, not at all. We're focused on going up against the defense and trying to beat what they throw at us. So I'll watch our defense out there and obviously watch the game, but we're focused on going up against their defense."


Q - Grant, I was just curious if you could talk about Trevor Lawrence, your thoughts on him, and then also, what makes what you see on film of Clemson's offense so difficult to slow down and stop?

"First of all, I was watching the game, the Ohio State game some, and saw him run the ball for a 67 yard touchdown, he looked pretty fast, so he's definitely a great all-around player."

"People don't give him credit for his running ability. So we're definitely going to take that into consideration."

"And also just the amount of weapons they have, guys like Etienne, big, tall receivers like Tee Higgins, they'll go up and get the ball. It's going to be definitely a fun match-up, going to be a fun game. They have great coaches, a great offense, so it's going to be cool."

Q - Is [Clemson] the most balanced offense you guys have seen this year?

"The most balanced offense? I don't know, we've faced a lot of great offenses. I would say theirs is definitely one of the best. We'll just continue watching film on them, and we're just going to get prepared for the game."

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